The best tricks for your Huawei and Honor Phone

Huawei has been one of the most successful manufacturers in our country. Ever since operators offered mobiles like Huawei Ascend P7 in exchange for renting one of their rates, the company’s smartphones have come to occupy the space of many Spanish users.

Being one of the main phone sellers in our country and with almost all the updated EMUI 9 or EMUI 10 terminals , we will collect all those Cheats for Huawei mobiles that we consider essential. For this we will organize them among common tricks that most devices can enjoy and those secrets hidden in the different versions of the Chinese company’s operating system.


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Universal tricks for all Huawei with Android

Drawer app
While some manufacturers have avoided this app organization format, Huawei allows you to set all the apps on the desktop or in the app drawer, bringing them all together in one place. To activate it, access:

Settings> Home screen and Wallpaper> Home screen style> App drawer

Priority notifications
You can always prioritize notifications over others to receive them in a privileged place in the notification center.

Settings> Notifications and status bar> Notification center> Priority notifications

Personalization of the main screen
If you keep your finger on an empty space on the main screen, you will see how it gives you the ability to add pages or rearrange icons much faster. In addition, this gives you priority access to the Widget catalog, change the page transitions, change the background and go directly to the screen settings.

Signature on the lock screen
Or because you want to enter your name because you want to add some contact information or interests, you can do it from the settings of the mobile phone screen.

Settings> Main screen and wallpaper> Lock screen signature

Search app
Since EMUI is EMUI, there is Hi Search. This is the function that allows you to search through the settings and applications installed on your phone and to find out you just need to scroll with your finger from the central part of the screen downwards. This will allow a search bar at the top.

Two-touch screen
If you have wet hands or you feel uncomfortable taking the screenshot as you normally do, you can enable the gesture of touching the screen with your knuckle to capture what appears on the phone.

Settings> Accessibility> Control movements> Screen capture

Shortcuts from the lock screen
Si arrastras desde abajo hacia arriba en la pantalla de bloqueo, aparecen varias opciones. From here you can turn on the flashlight, use HiVision to recognize the world around you, enable the calculator or use the sound recorder.

Dark “forced” mode
The “pure” dark mode has arrived on Huawei phones with EMUI 10. However, other previous smartphones can use the function of inverting the colors in the accessibility menu so that all white tones become dark and vice versa.

Settings> Accessibility> Invert colors

Hang up with the power button
If you don’t want to touch the screen and want to reject a call, you can set your smartphone to hang up with the lock button.

Settings> Accessibility> The power button locks

Draw letters to open apps
Another of the most useful gestures that we find on our mobile phone is the ability to choose which applications we can open by “drawing” a letter on the screen. In this way, if we perform a “W”, we can open WhatsApp or the camera by making the gesture “C”.

Settings> Accessibility> Control movements> Open applications

Secrets from EMUI 9

Gestural navigation
Yes, one of the best tricks from Huawei and Honor is the use of gestures to perform various actions on the mobile phone, such as turning it to answer a call or making a double-tap capture, as we said earlier. Once again you will find its configuration in the Accessibility settings.

Settings> Accessibility> Control movements> Movements

Change resolution to save battery
With this version of the operating system, the screen quality has been improved to extend battery life. For example, if your phone is factory configured with FHD + resolution, reduce it to HD +, it can save a lot of battery.

Settings> Display and brightness> screen resolution

Use unlock face recognition
Unlocking a cell phone with a fingerprint is nice, but with our face it can be faster. You can do it by following the path:

Settings> Biometric data and passwords-> Face recognition

Create a private space
The place where you can store files, photos and information that only you can access, because a PIN will be required to access it. Logically, you shouldn’t use the same to access the phone by unlocking it.

Settings> Privacy> Private Space

Share your wi-fi key for Qr
Do you have a visit and want to quickly share the access data to your network so that the visitor has access? It’s very simple, with EMUI 9.0 you can do it through the QR code so that your friend or family member identifies it with their video camera and connects automatically.

Settings> Wi-Fi> Choose the network you want to share

See the battery percentage in the notification center
Viewing the battery percentage is quite useful as it reveals when you need to charge your cell phone instead of relying on a small icon.

Settings> Battery> Battery percentage

Change the size of the text
EMUI 9.0 cuenta entre sus novedades con la posibilidad de cambiar el tamaño de las pantallas de texto independientemente del tamaño de la fuente.

Settings> Display> Text and screen size

Use two applications simultaneously
One really useful thing about EMUI is the ability to start different sessions in the same application thanks to the App-Twin function, compatible with apps like WhatsApp or Facebook. This way you can have 2 WhatsApp on the same mobile phone. One really useful thing about EMUI is the ability to start different sessions in the same application thanks to the App-Twin function, compatible with apps like WhatsApp or Facebook. This way you can have 2 WhatsApp on the same mobile phone.

Settings> apps> Double app

Block apps from accessing your information
By managing EMUI 9 permissions, you can prevent apps from accessing certain areas of the phone. To do this you need to choose the app and review, one by one, the permissions it has access to.

Settings> Applications> Permissions

Use the virtual navigation button
Since EMUI 8.0 there is the possibility to use the device with a button that can be moved freely, but in EMUI 9.0 it has improved significantly. It’s called NaviDot and it’s a button that can be moved freely on the screen. If you touch the button once you can go back or, if you hold it down, you can go back to the main screen. To search in

Settings> System> System Navigation> Navigation Dock

Tips and tricks for mobile devices with EMUI 10
Huawei mobile phones

Optimize the battery
The automatic optimization of energy consumption will provide you with a series of tips to extend the battery life of your smartphone. Above all, you just need to press a couple of buttons to configure it perfectly:

Settings> Battery> Optimize power consumption

Tara is optimization, you will be given a series of suggestions that you can follow or not, so that the mobile phone lasts longer.

Activate real dark mode
EMUI 10 already includes System-level dark mode, which means that all Huawei apps and menus are perfectly tailored. Huawei indicates that instead of inverting the black and white color, laboratory tests were carried out to select the most comfortable gradation and color contrast for the human eye.

Settings> Display and brightness> Dark mode

Limit the time of use of the mobile phone
Do we spend too much time on the smartphone? You can control the time that you or your children spend with your mobile phone with the new digital balancing tools that you can find in your smartphone settings.

Remove the ads
EMUI 10 has a new tool from Huawei to remove all traces of personalized ads on the mobile phone. This way you will stop seeing so much advertising in some system apps.

Settings> Privacy> Ads and privacy> Disable personalized ads

Say goodbye to the notch
You can hide the notch on the phone or, better to say, optically retouch it. Eventually, the status bar stretches down and everything at the top turns black.

Settings> Display and brightness> Other display settings> Notch

Automatically turns the phone on and off
EMUI can automatically turn off the device at a certain time and then restart it at a specific time. EMUI 10 has the novelty that by doing so, the mobile alarm will not turn off.

Settings> Accessibility> Scheduled activation / deactivation

Record screen with audio
Among the shortcuts of your Huawei mobile phone you will now find a screen recorder. It automatically collects all the audio captured by the microphone, so all you have to do is worry about turning up the volume and being silent if you want to record the sound of mobile apps.

Accelerate your animations
Activation of the developer options (by repeatedly pressing on the phone’s compilation number, from Settings> About the phone, the developer options are activated. They give us access to functions to improve the performance of the smartphone with reduced time or animations so that it seems that the cell phone works faster.

Settings> System and Updates> Developer Options> Resize Animation Window

HiVision and AI camera
When you access the renewed EMUI 10 camera app for Huawei mobiles, you will find an icon on the left entirely that allows the smart functions of the smartphone to interact with the world around us.

Among the options and functions we can find there are object identification, calorie counting, the possibility of finding items in online stores, simultaneous translation and scanning of QR codes.

Dolby Atmos equalizer
Dolby Atmos compatible phones can activate different sound modes to enjoy movies or music, but they also allow you to configure an intelligent mode that establishes the best sound based on what we do with the phone.

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