Samsung Galaxy S9 Problems with Bluetooth: how to solve it

Samsung Galaxy S9 Problems with Bluetooth: how to solve it

Among the connectivity problems that we can find in our mobile phone, Bluetooth is one of the most problematic. The Samsung Galaxy S9 has a long history of problems with Bluetooth , causing many of the major functions to fail such as pairing with the vehicle or other electronic devices or displaying erratic behavior.

There are many factors that can affect the proper functioning of Bluetooth on the Galaxy S9. Users shared their experiences with this issue in specialized forums. Except in specific cases where the problem arises from a hardware failure (Bluetooth antenna)


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Solve Bluetooth problems
The first logical step we will have to do is to verify that we have no pending updates. The Samsung Galaxy S9 is a 2018 terminal and has received a fair amount of patches since then. Many of them have focused on solving known issues, including connectivity issues that affect Bluetooth. To rest assured on this aspect, we will have to go to Settings / System / System Updates.

Clear the Bluetooth cache
It is another method that works best. On many occasions the Galaxy S9’s Bluetooth cache is saturated. For this reason it is useful to delete it from time to time. Do we have to go to Settings / Applications and click on the three points above. Then we click on System Applications and finally on Bluetooth. Now we touch the storage space and select clear cache.

bluetooth cache borrar

Another check is to check the association mode and visibility. This is found in the Bluetooth options. We will have to be “visible” so that other devices can find us. Likewise, it is worth examining that our device allows for several simultaneous connections.

Battery saving
To save battery power, Bluetooth can be considered one of the most consumed connections. Therefore, our Galaxy S9 can activate the saving of this connectivity. This can lead to connectivity errors and outages, as well as association problems. To disable this option we will have to go to the Settings / Applications / Click on the three points / System apps menu and locate the Bluetooth option. We will have to disable the switch and test the connection again.

Problem S9 Bluetooth desactivar ahorro

Add Bluetooth to SmartLock
This Smart Lock tool allows us to unlock our terminal when we connect it via Bluetooth to another device. That way, when we connect the Galaxy S9 to a music player, our car or another device like speakers, it can help solve connectivity problems. To start the function we have to go to Settings of your Galaxy S9 and then click on Lock screen and security. Then we search for Smart Lock and click Add trusted device , select the device and click Add.

Factory reset
The last resort that works when everything fails is to reset the phone to factory settings. This will erase all the data we have in our terminal. But it also clears all connectivity settings, so sometimes, any damaged files or compatibility issues affecting Bluetooth connectivity will be resolved. To do this we will have to go to the Settings / System / Reset menu.

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