Realme: how to hide apps so they don’t show up in the view

Realme: how to hide apps so they don’t show up in the view

As soon as we use our mobile phone, it is easy to have dozens and dozens of applications installed. In addition to those that are installed by default, we must add those that we install ourselves. Privacy In this sense it is important, that’s why Realme of cell phones allow us to hide applications that we consider appropriate and that no one else will be able to see if they have our phone in hand.

Realme: how to hide apps
Realme has arrived in Spain with a DNA deeply rooted in OPPO, even if we are seeing how the company claims its identity. Part of this maturity has gone through the launch of its own level of personalization, moving from ColorOS to RealmeUI. This means that the company can play with its functions and adapt them to its style and the tastes of its fans. One of the most interesting features is the one that allows you to hide applications to improve privacy always important.

How to hide apps
There are applications whose character or content may be more or less sensitive in our opinion. For this reason, we can hide them so that they disappear from the sight of other users who can have access to our terminal at specific times. To hide an app, we will have to go to the Settings menu and enter the “Privacy” section once inside we will have to go down to the “Application lock” option.

Set the code
Once inside we will have to establish a security code , which will be used to access secure and hidden applications. If the apps we insert are used frequently, it is recommended to establish a code that is not very long but easy to insert and remember. The installer will also ask us to set up a security question and an email recovery option.

Choose app
The next step shows us a window with all the applications installed on our mobile phone . Now we just have to choose the ones we want to hide. When you choose them, a pop-up window will allow us to choose the password lock and the ability to also hide the desktop icon. In the same way, we can choose whether we want it to be shown or not in recent activities and whether we want to hide notifications about the hidden app. With all the options activated, we will make the app practically invisible to the eyes of other people who can access our mobile phone.

How to make them appear?
When we activate the option to hide the screen icon, we will see a pop-up that invites us to create an access number under the model # number #. Once established (for example # 2020 #) we will have to type it in our telephone dialer. Here’s how we can access both our secure and hidden apps . There is also an additional trick to see these apps, which is using the assistant’s search engine, but to access it we will have to enter your fingerprint or security code.

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