Problems with Android Auto in MIUI: how to solve them

Auto Android is one of the best things that has happened to the Android ecosystem in recent years. The ability to use the phone and its applications in total safety while avoiding dangerous attitudes has proven to be a success for Google. The bad thing is when we start to find problems and errors in its operation. One of the brands that presents most of the failures of Android Auto Xiaomi but, fortunately, there is a solution.

Problems with Android Auto in MIUI
The most common problem that usually appears on Xiaomi mobiles that work MIUI is that, directly, Android Auto does not start. Despite being connected to a compatible car via cable, there is no way to see our mobile apps on the car screen or, on rare occasions, other errors are likely to appear.

Android Auto error

If you think the error is in the ROM or the phone hardware, you are going astray. The causes of your ills are the dual Xiaomi apps.

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Fix Android Auto on your Xiaomi
Error in the app itself
Dual apps allow you to work, as the name suggests, with two apps simultaneously with different credentials. This is the trick that allows you to use two different WhatsApp accounts on your mobile phone, for example. However, by activating these options we can interfere with Android Auto, which displays an error message even when you open the app without being connected to the car.

The solution to this problem is not to reinstall Android Auto, as the error will recur constantly, but to clear the Google Services app cache from Settings> Installed apps> Show all apps> Google Play Services> Clear data and clear cache.

arreglar android auto xiaomi

Tara do it again, try to open the navigation app on your mobile and check if the error continues to appear.

Unable to connect mobile phone and car
The most classic and uncomfortable error that appears when you connect your Xiaomi to the car via the USB cable is the communication error 16. This gives no more explanations than to warn that there is a problem for which we have to disconnect the phone .

Again, the culprit behind the appearance of this message is in the dual Xiaomi apps, which is why you will have to uninstall them from the phone by clicking on them and deleting them. Then you need to delete all tracks from Settings> Dual applications> Configuration icon> delete dual application account.

After waiting a few seconds, we press Delete and restart to clear the cache memory of the mobile phone after turning the phone off and on again. After waiting for the phone to be active again, we connect it to the car and we can use Android Auto.

What if you want to use dual apps with Android Auto?
You must be annoyed. So easy. While they warn in the MIUI forum “At the moment there is no solution to have double applications that require the installation of Google Play services”.

For the moment, until Xiaomi works in depth, if you want to use Android Auto you need to disable the MIUI dual apps.

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