Kofi Annan the Great:-Eulogy to the Former UN Secretary-General

The main reason for the accumulation of these free refrains 
Is to praise the quick past and seventh Secretary-General 
Of the United Nations, Busummuru (Dr.) Kofi Annan. 
In the assessment of this creator, Dr.Kofi Annan 
Isn’t just a legend, however a widespread harmony producer, 
A skilled, a thinker or maybe, even a holy person too. 
These stanzas establish a cutting edge variant 
Of conventional African commendation singing verse 
To pay tribute to meriting African legends 
In the genuine feeling of African custom. 
The intelligence of our African predecessors 
Is reflected in this adage which says: 
“On the off chance that the palm product of your ranch isn’t substantial 
Or on the other hand plump enough, 
It is you yourself who must chomp it 
In such a beguiling style, 
That others may even begrudge you.” 
One inquiry that has constantly tormented 
My mind clockwise is: 
Do we have African holy people? 
Do we have African savants? 
Do we have African prodigies? 
In the event that truly, how are they recorded for descendants? 
Assuming No, why not? 
I am enticed to hypothesize that 
In the event that we, Africans don’t have the foggiest idea what is beneficial for us, 
Others might be incited to manage to us 
What is awful for us. 
It’s about time that Africans started to recognize, 
Perceive and recognize 
Their own logicians 
So come next 500 years, 
The world will allude to them as African scholars 
As it’s being done today to Greek scholars. 
This compilation is to set up Kofi Annan 
As an African scholar 
Be that as it may, not to exalt him. 
Like the Master Jesus the Christ 
Himself has exhibited certain, 
That no individual is impeccable, 
May I venture to reword him? 
Let the one among you 
Who isn’t qualified for his own sentiment 
On this planet of opportunity of supposition, 
Be the first to raise his first finger 
To shoot the primary shot of lewdness 
Against his kindred person! 
Indeed, even today after more than 2000 years, 
There are individuals in Jesus’ very own natal town 
Who don’t accept his was the Messiah. 
In any case, that doesn’t discredit 
What he had been, 
What he came to accomplish for humanity 
Furthermore, the satisfaction of his strategic earth. 
Harmony and Love be with all of you. 
ALL ye natives of Ghana, 
All ye natives of Africa, 
All ye natives of the world, 
Who worth human resourcefulness, 
Pay tribute to Kofi Annan, 
The prompt Past UN Secretary-General; 
For in the event that he isn’t the subsequent Moses 
He should be the subsequent Christ. 
Kofi Annan is an unassuming soul 
Kofi Annan is a rationalist 
Kofi Annan is a cutting edge prophet, 
Sent unto the cutting edge world 
To shape the Creator’s vision 
For the heading of His creation. 
Kofi Annan has satisfied his strategic 
In the United Nations 
For the headway of humankind . 
With one voice, how about we serenade as one: 
Kofi Annan the Great, Aaaayeeeeekoooooo! 
Kofi Annan, we hail you 
Kofi Annan, ye mama wo mmo 
Kofi Annan, mie do dzaa nawo 
Kofi Annan womli daboshi 
Sande zua, Kofi Annan! 
We thank you a thousand times 
Ye da wo asi piiiiii 
Mie da apke nawo kakakaka 
Wo yio adom waaaaa 
Mungoooode korei! 
Kofi Annan, you,ve done 
Amazing privilege to Ghana 
Kofi Annan,you’re 
The pride of Africa 
Kofi Annan,you’ve cleaned 
The picture of the dark race 
Kofi Annan,you’ve relinquished 
Your very life for mankind 
Kofi Annan, you are a man 
In whom the Creator is satisfied, 
For your administration to mankind. 
Be that as it may, FOR YOU 
Kofi Annan, you’re a man of harmony 
Be that as it may, for you, 
The world would’ve seen 
The third universal war 
Be that as it may, for you, 
Rwanda would been more awful; 
Be that as it may, for you, 
Darfur would have been more awful; 
Be that as it may, for you, 
Iraq would have been more awful; 
Be that as it may, for you, 
Kosovo would have been more awful; 
Be that as it may, for you, 
Israel and Palestine would been more awful 
Be that as it may, for you, 
DR Congo would have been more awful. 
Be that as it may, for you, 
East Timor would have been no more 
Be that as it may, for you, 
Liberia would have been no more; 
Be that as it may, for you, 
Sierra Leone would have been no more 
Be that as it may, for you, 
Bosnians would have been no more 
Be that as it may, for you, 
Haiti, Iran and Somalia 
Would have all been no more! 
Kofi Annan the Great, 
You’re the small shining sparkle 
That touches off the decrease of world harmony. 
Be that as it may, for you, 
The world would have encountered an inferno 
Human enduring would have been more awful 
Evacuee circumstance would have been more regrettable 
Kids’ anguish would have been awful 
Ladies’ difficulty would have been awful 
Men’s biting of the teeth would have been hopeless. 
Psychological militants’ PHOBIA 
Kofi Annan the Great, 
You’re the main man on earth, 
World class psychological militants dread most 
You’re the main individual 
Who directions the regard of 
Top of the line psychological militants within recent memory 
In any case, for you, 
Worldwide fear based oppression would have been more regrettable 
In any case, for you, 
At the point when the 9/11 happened, 
Numerous 9/11s would have pursued suite 
All through the essence of the earth 
On this planet of innovation; 
In any case, for you, 
At the point when the World Trade Center was no more, 
The Pentagon would have gone 
The seven marvels of the world would have gone 
The pyramids on earth would have gone 
Every world legacy, saved by UNESCO 
Would have been going, going, and gone! 
Gracious, Kofi Annan the Great, 
Humankind must bow before you 
America must be thankful to you 
Europe must be grateful to you 
Asia must compensation praise to you 
With respect to Africa, she should convey you in a palanquin 
As a genuine regal African King; 
For you’re quiet, elegant and ecstatic. 
Goodness Paramount Chiefs of Africa, 
Furnished with the brilliant sword of triumph; 
Stand up in your palanquins or on your ponies 
Furthermore, move adowa, agbadza, kpanlogo and dambai 
To state a significant AKWAABA to 
Busummuru Kofi Annan the Great, 
The preeminent King of Kings of Africa 
On his triumphant come back to Africa; 
For he has endure the weapons of Kigali. 
Busummuru Kofi Annan the Great, 
Has outflanked the slugs of East Timor 
Also, spilled the non-existing weapons of Iraq. 
Hail Kofi Annan the Great; 
For he has taken on a fatal conflict and prevailed. 
Our African progenitors state: 
“In the event that you haven’t been to the war front, 
You’ll state individuals didn’t battle.” 
Gracious Queen-Mothers of Africa, 
Equipped with white hankies, 
With your normally blessed backs, 
Vibrate your smooth knocks, 
Also, display your ability to the tune of 
Adowa, Agbadza, Kpanlogo and Dambai. 
Splash white powder onto the silver hairs of your child; 
All things considered, it’s you who harbored him 
In your belly for nine moons 
What’s more, toiled in agony to convey him 
Unto the world with shrewdness. 
Gracious honorable Mama of Africa, 
Your child, Busummru Kofi Annan the Great, 
Has returned home with respect . 
Kofi has returned home for good, 
After more than 40 years in the wild. 
What a respectable intemperate child he has been, 
For his visit was for a decent purpose. 
Present him with a calabash of water; 
For his adventure has been a long one. 
Embrace him with celebration and state unto him: 
“Kofi-ooo, aaatuuuu!” “Wo ye barima ampa!” 
OKuni-ni Kofi, Oye Osagyefo ampara! 
You’re a courageous man undoubtedly! You’re a warrior! 
Kofi Anna the Great, 
Like Jesus the Christ, 
Had a considerable amount of torturous killing 
In the execution of his strategic. 
At the point when Jesus the Christ talked reality, 
Is it accurate to say that he wasn’t attacked and executed on the cross? 
At the point when Kofi Anna the Great 
Scrutinized the legitimateness 
Of the intrusion of Iraq 
Is it accurate to say that he wasn’t attacked and executed too? 
At the point when his grown-up child was accounted for 
To have failed in oil for nourishment adventure, 
Didn’t the global media 
Hop to end, 
Investigate and insult him? 
Is it accurate to say that he wasn’t blamed for complicity? 
In any case, similar to Jesus the Christ, 
Kofi Annan the Great 
Was vindicated and released 
For no wrong doing. 
However a few people lean toward Barabbas to Jesus. 
Gracious, Kofi Anna the Great! 
Aren’t you the Christ within recent memory? 
Aren’t you an all inclusive man of harmony? 
Little marvel you won the Nobel Peace Prize 
For Peace while in office? 
You’ve bravely conveyed your cross 
Like the Master Jesus the Christ. 
The individuals who may neglect to remember you today 
Will move and hail you tomorrow; 
They will recite Hosanna 
Halleluiah in memory of you 
2,000 years to come; 
Gently continue on your retirement 
What’s more, loosen up your spirit with satisfaction 
One sacred Friday in April 1938, 
One enchanting Mama Africa, 
Browsed among other 
Cherishing Mamas of Africa, 
Like the Holy Mama of the world, 
Submissively went on her knees 
Also, displayed him to the world 
For nothing out of pocket and out of adoration. 
Gracious favored dark Queen of Africa! 
Regardless of whether on the moon or in the tomb, 
You harbored him in your belly 
For long, long nine moons. 
You toiled in extreme torment 
Be that as it may, conveyed him in upbeat addition. 
You implanted his being with knowledge 
That he should lead slave spirits to opportunity. 
Gracious Mother of African guardian angel! 
In the kingdom of paradise 
Stays your reward. 
Kofi Annan the Great drew his first breath of life 
In the city of nurseries in the kingdom of Ashanti, 
What’s more, turned into a living soul on the dirt of Ghana. 
His honest Papa of Africa 
Like blessed Papa the Kapinta, 
Never associated he was a sower with a little seed 
That was to turn into a powerful tree; 
The products of which was to nourish 
Monsters of woodlands and flying creatures of sky. 
Goodness Papa Africa! 
Father of African friend in need, 
In the kingdom of paradise 
Abides your reward. 
Gracious Kofi Annan the Great! 
You’ve respected your Papa and Mama, 
Long, long will be your life, 
As told in the Commandments of Moses. 
So Be It – It is finished! 
Kofi Annan the Great, 
Like the baby Jesus the Christ, 
Lived among standard kids in Ghana. 
His instruction started in Oguaa in Africa 
Also, finished in Minnesota in America. 
Gracious Omniscient Creator of paradise an

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