5 Things to Check Out on Your New Android

Here are a couple of cool highlights you can discover on your new Android telephone that, shockingly, most clients of contending cell phones need to manage without. Despite the fact that Android telephones are not without their minor issues and issues, they additionally have many points of interest that can make your experience both progressively gainful and increasingly pleasant.


Your new Android telephone supports Flash, something that iOS cell phones are not prepared to do. Not exclusively does your Android cell phone have a Flash player that can see pretty much any sort of Flash substance on or disconnected, however it does this very well. Glimmer substance played on an Android cell phone runs rapidly and easily much of the time and has next to no slack time.


Where numerous different cell phones still go through the pop arrangement of notice at whatever point another message or a ready should be shown, Android cell phones have discovered a vastly improved approach to inform you about significant things. Rather than intruding on anything that you are doing with an immense menu that should be quickly tended to, your Android cell phone warnings basically appear in a little strip at the exceptionally top of your presentation. To get to the caution, simply contact the strip and the warnings menu will open. In the event that you wish to disregard the warning, you may, and it will stand by calmly out of sight until you are prepared to give it your consideration.

Driven Notification

Android cell phones additionally accompany a LED light that will streak at whatever point something on your telephone needs your consideration. Some cell phones show a caution for some time and afterward shut the screen off again in the event that it isn’t taken care of. You will consistently know when another message or caution has landed at your Android telephone because of the LED warning light. This will spare you the problem of being continually checking your telephone, as it will be extremely obvious to you when there is new action.


The showcase on most Android telephones is a lot bigger than the presentation on cell phones from the challenge. Indeed, even the iPhone 4 just has a screen size of around three and a half inches. Most Android telephones accompany a showcase size of at any rate 4.3 inches.

Media Transfer

It is anything but difficult to move records to and from your Android telephone. Rather than utilizing a muddled and tedious extraordinary programming interface, your Android telephone can associate with your PC much like a USB drive. Records and even whole catalogs can be included or erased in a second or two, and confounded matching up procedures are relics of past times. Media move on your new Android telephone is the most straightforward it has ever experienced any cell phone to date.

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